History Sayeh Theater Group was founded in 2002 by Reza Haddad, Leyli Rashidi, Siamak Ansari, Borzou Arjmand, Pantea Panahi ha,...and their main focus during 10 years continuous activity was on experimental theater.

"There's Nobody to Remember All the Stories" by this group was staged in 21st Fajr International Theater Festival in winter 2003 and after the public performance it again went on stage for the next year festival in "Review The Best" part.. Then it went on stage in Laokoon/Hamburg Theater Festival in 2003, Morocco Fituc Casa Theater Festival in 2007 and Hanover Theater Festival in 2007 and was greatly welcomed by the audience.

"The Muzzle of Silence" was the next performance which went on stage in 23th international Fajr festival and praised by audience.

"Revelation on a Silent Party" was performed in 28th international Fajr festival and was chosen as the best performance, it was chosen by AICT Society as the best job and went on stage in 2010 in The 5th Olympic Theatre Festival in Seoul.

It also took part in Avignon festival in 2010; the group had 18 performances in that artistic event.

Today, Sayeh Theater Group has more than 20 active members and hopes to display a new visionary of experimental theatre in future.

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